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Our services begin with a basic analysis of your processes to understand what you are doing and how to offer you the ideal solution to fit.

Analysis can be a part of implementing a particular module or completely independent of functionality so that you know what direction to take.

To avoid having to involve other businesses, we will provide you with subscriptions (licenses), ensure the implementation and subsequent development of the entire system.

If you want to read what SuccessFactors are and what features are available, check out If you do not want to read all the materials, call and we'll tell you personally.



This is one of our main services. We admit that we enjoy it very much, and we still prefer to address the challenges of our customers.


We implement


We offer you the implementation of all SuccessFactors or just selected modules according to your needs. We use our own iterative Success Solutions Delivery Methodology. But we can adapt to your specific requirements to keep the process under control and meet your expectations and deadlines at the same time.

We ship the entire project as a turnkey project taking care of everything from A to Z, which means we will provide you with a subscription (license), set up the system and cover the subsequent support of the whole solution. You have a secured single partner you can talk to over beer or wine, how everything works and keeps running. Less worries and more joy for you. And because we work with love ourselves, you will be pleased with us as well.




Are you using SAP and are you thinking about something more modern to support your soft and core HR processes? Ask us. We have experience with SAP, with the transition to SuccessFactors and, finally, with the integration of both systems.

SuccessFactors as the world's best-rated HR solution in the cloud is not only suited for large businesses. On the contrary, thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, it can be easily, quickly and successfully deployed in small and medium businesses.

Do not be afraid to write or call us and ask for anything that interests you in SuccessFactors and HR processes in general. We're happy to look into what you need and show you how SuccessFactors work and how it can help you. However, our experience is much wider and therefore we are able to advise you and recommend for you the right approach regardless of the specific software solution. We speak your language, so you will understand us.



Do you already use SuccessFactors and would like to improve the details of your solution or expand the coverage of HR processes with other modules?

podpora a rozvoj.png

We support and develop


We aim to be your right hand, helping you to achieve the results without having to worry how. With our experience and human approach, our relationship will be efficient, easy to manage and effective. When you need more frequent adjustments to the solutions, we are always ready and willing to assist! Long-term collaboration with our customers allows us to develop and improve our solutions. We will help you with basic administration, detailed configuration and improvement or changing processes to keep the solution up to date and to fully support your company in further development.

Try us. Present us with a problem you are struggling with and we will deliver a solution. We will ask you in return for more details to understand the context suggesting the best solution based on our experience or offer multiple alternative solutions allowing you to choose. We love challenges, so do not be afraid to challenge us!



We develop our own SuccessFactors extensions to meet the highest expectations our customers have.

Plánování směn.png

We extend SuccessFactors where it makes sense for our customers

Within individual projects, we had identified several of our customers' demands, which standard SuccessFactors could not solve, so we started developing our own extensions.

Shift Planning (SPA)

Allows managers to quickly and easily plan shifts for the whole team

Time Management (TMA)

Covering CZ&SK legal requirements regarding attendance (recalculation of holiday according to planned shifts, automatic attendance, working time and collective holidays)

Paperless HR

Fully electronic / biometric signing of HR documents including approval / signing workflows


Electronic tax statement creation and preparation for CZ&SK

Exit Workflow 

Serves for terminated employees tracking their duties to be fulfilled and enabling parallel approvals

Recruiting Page 

Enable quick and easy candidates´ reaction


Business trip approval and remuneration for CZ & SK (in development)

Integration with

Two-way integration with (posting vacancies and import of candidates´ applications)

In addition to the above-mentioned extensions, we also have our own Rapid Deployment Solution that can be deployed within 6-8 weeks. Our pre-prepared implementation package is called TIS. It is an officially labeled SAP-Qualified Partner-Package on SAP.



After many customer consultations, we offer you completely different services that can provide you with the right added value.


We train, offer surveys, report ...


So that we are not like all the other firms in our market, we would also like to offer you some completely different propositions as well as the usual implementation and deployment of the solution. For a long time, we've been wondering what could bring you the right added value, and after many customer consultations, we've found some of them. Judge for yourself:

  1. We offer SuccessFactors administrators (but also end-user) training to understand what SuccessFactors are and what they can all influence. Surprisingly, many administrators can handle the basics themselves and they have us for anything else.

  2. In collaboration with various HR departments, we have put together several questions and, as a result, the whole satisfaction survey of employees. We have prepared a template in Czech and English, and of course, reporting so you can easily process and use the resulting data.

  3. We have expertise for Advanced (Online Report Designer) and Premium reporting (PPTC + Ad Hoc Reporting). We offer graphically attractive reports and employee profiles usable for other areas.

Are you interested in something completely different in HR? Ask us! We are no longer 20, we have gone through many different stages in life and have gained experience from different projects, environments, industries, countries.

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