SAP SuccessFactors


We develop our own appliations, which extened SAP SuccessFactors functionalities.

We Extend

Within individual projects, we identified several requirements of our customers, which, by default, SAP SuccessFactors cannot solve. That's why we started developing our own extensions.

Shift Planning (SPA)

Allows managers to quickly and easily plan shifts for the whole team

Time Management (TMA)

Coverage of local attendance requirements for CZ / SK (more countries are in the evaluation phase)

Paperless HR



Fully electronic / biometric signing of HR documents including approval / signing workflows


Electronic "rose paper" ("Declaration of the taxpaper..." and "Request for yearly settlement...")


Allows deleting specific data, allows deleting and masking individual fields in the section after the next retention time


Parallel electronic workflow for various events in the employee's life cycle, the administrator has unlimited permissions and can create, delete, correct and edit forms and archive the data

Recruiting Page

Simple and fast registration of candidates into the system


Functionality for approval and billing of business trips - Travel Management

​Integration with

Bidirectional integration on jobs (posting vacant positions and reactions of the candidates)

Internal Job Fair

All employees can create and apply for short term jobs within the company

In addition to the above-mentioned extensions, we also have our own Rapid Deployment Solution that can be deployed within 6-8 weeks. Our pre-prepared implementation package is an officially recognized SAP-Qualified Partner-Package on SAP.