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Training centre for SuccessFactors

The Success Solutions training center offers professional training and courses for SuccessFactors HR system administrators. Learn how to set up your SuccessFactors according to your needs. Become a quality administrator. Intensive training with our best consultants in the given issue. Onsite training with quality content in different lengths and levels of difficulty, depending on the content of the training. Courses can be held in Czech or English, this information is always given for each course.


The trainings are intended for those who master SuccessFactors and want to learn something new, deepen their knowledge in a specific issue of individual modules or find out what this system can do in depth. So for those in HR or IT departments who want to become a professional or system administrator. Different knowledge of the system is required for each course, so please pay attention to each course separately and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us here. ​


Dates of offered courses coming soon.

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Training schedule
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